Joys Of Writing

Ink flows like rivers through a forest, giving life where only lifelesslness once existed. The river, teaming with fish leaping upstream, seeking to find a stable river bed, are the ideas popping up in my head. The magic and wonder never cease to end, so long as creativity and imagination guide my soul on a journey here and there on its many whims. From their love making breed vibrant colors, marvels, and wonders. Such that time itself, cannot undo it even with its many blunders. For it is not written on paper that can fade, or an devices that break, but upon hearts true and minds fresh and ripe. Upon the soul itself, into the joints and their morrow. A writing that will inspire hope and will chase away fear and sorrow. Flowers bloom on this path sublime. Turn the page and see what you will find…

I am truly excited to announce the second volume of the series, The Poets Tree! It has been such a joy sharing this poetry with you all! You all have been my inspiration! Please consider downloading a copy of this book.



The Sound of Spring

Ring, ring, do you hear the bells of spring? Long have the wintery nights have lingered, eyes growing weak and dim from the stillness of pure white light. Songs fill the air as the singing of glorious birds hallow vibrantly and strong! Songs to liven the spirit and inspire the soul. Awaken your heart to the beauties above and around. Take in every scent, every echo, and sound. Find tranquility in the beauties on nature’s ground…

Continued in vol.2


Im back!

Hello everyone! Im sorry for the long hiatus with my writing and recipe sharing. Ive working on a life goal that has been sadly on the back burner for a while, haha pun intended. I am happy to announce the release of my first book “The Poets Tree”! It peers into the human condition and compares it with similarites in nature. Looking back, writing has always been apart of my life and my family history. My father is the one who introduce me into writing poetry and the arts, as he had taken art classes in college. Writing has been something near and dear to my heart. It is a way of sharing thoughts and connecting with hearts, with people from all walks of life. Writing carries a since of eternity, espcially now with the use of the internet, as the words written transcends time! Im sure we all agree that since weve started writing we have all grown, wether it be in our understanding of the world around us, or in our creativity or even in our goals and asperations and in our own self worth. Whatever the case, our writings are changing the world, inspiring many toward the finer arts, photography, culinary, literature, and even music! Lets never give up in our pursuits and passions!

My book is up on amazon kindle as an ebook but I am working on a second volume and plan on publishing a hardcover version. I will still post inserts of my poetry here on the blog as well as the cooking recipes you foodies enjoy 😉 Stay tuned!



The Cycle Of Life

I travel along the gilded path, weathered and worn. In the moment I feel a sence of being torn. For where once life did stand bold and stout, now lies limp and hollow. I imagine the storm that came and tested the might of this bulwark. In its strength and its will it did stand, a legacy of protection , a safe haven, against the dangers that would ensnare. As many as the sands of of time itself did this bulwark prove true, its courage giving it the mantle of larger than life for all to view. The sun always shines with its rays, a sense of grace and approve almost divine. Birds sing songs of its glory both serene and sublime in their tune. ‘Come here come here behold this great boon, the staunch protector that chases away even the darkest of gloom!’ This great tree would there stand a testament to all in the land. All then would live, in thoughts of peace unknowing that one day soon, the storm of thick gloom that would bring test, a test that would divest all of even the slightest of rest…

(Continued in book)



As I raise my eyes up into the sky, I stare in wonder at the dark and deep dark gloom that fills the void of the endless expanse. Stretching on into what seems to be infinity, to dare to even hope for even a sliver of light seems to me, but a dream a glimmer of the hearts hopeless yearnings. Shall this darkness over take me? Like weighted chains drag me down? As the anchor heavy in its pull, does drop down to the peerless bottom of the ocean floor, locking the great ships of old in place, will hopelessness tether me to the great emptiness of dark space? Lost in a sea, no, a whirlwind of despair, misery cloaks me like the warmest of silk blankets pulled from the cold clutches of the grave. Will my plot be my self fulfilled prophecy? My name as the names of celeste and titan?

I look to the nature of those grown strong the soldiers who’ve stayed the test of time. Their arms stretch out in bold defiance…

(Continued in book)


A Natur-real Maiden

Beyond the veils of foliage and trees behold, a beauty pure, a true sight to see! She is the forest maiden. Her virtues true her spirit strong. Long does her heart burns, for the glory that shines like rays of the sun at dawn. Far from the shadows and reeds of deceit, does her heart turns. She is a shrine untainted adorned with flowers of vibrance. So pure that she blends in, becomes invisible at a second glance. She is one with nature at the peaks of seasons bloom. Scents of nectar, honey and as fragrant as Peony, she chasses away worry, grief, and gloom. With flowers divine, you align your hair with radiance and grace. Your face a soft glow as the moon, breeds an aura of calm, in your visage your smile brings peace pure….

Continued in Book


A Leisurely Stroll

Step often into the trails of nature and there you will see the marvel, the wonder of a world full of craftmanship, preserved thru time. Be they flowers adorned in splendor, dressed in such vibrant colors. Or, be they tiny Angel’s who’s wings flap and float like the fans of an Asian design. Do you see the soldiers standing tall and bold? There it stands decorated by the season, their foliage are their medals of honor for season after season they provide service of sustenance thru food and shelter. Their roots their legacy, a record of peerless perfect defense against the harshest of weather. In bad times they unite joining together as one not as one who becomes reclusive but who bands together to form a wall that is inpeneratrable…

Continued in book